RB Legal was established in May 2003 by two experienced legal practitioners, Charles Rechnitzer and Jonathan Bloom, who previously worked together at Plotkins.

The firm has since expanded acquiring the firm of Doolan Kemp & Townsend in 2011 and merging with Pryles & Co in 2016.

RB Legal specialises in many areas of the law (Services) and is able to provide you with ready access to a lawyer when required.   The firm’s clients include individuals, families, small businesses and some of Australia’s largest companies in a variety of industries.  Positive word-of-mouth has been vital to the growth of the firm and is valued as being recognition of the quality service we provide.

At RB Legal, we understand that obtaining the best outcome for our clients requires more than simply advising on “black letter law”. We pride ourselves on providing practical and sound legal advice that considers all of our client’s interests, whether commercial or personal. Clear communication and excellent value for money are also essential.

We are continually focused on improving the service offered by the firm. Our directors recognise the importance of investing time getting to know their clients, their business and business environment so as to provide the best possible service on their behalf. Building positive and productive relationships with clients is a priority and our directors are always available to address client queries in a timely and accurate manner in person or by telephone.

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