Why is a Will important?

A Will is a legal document that specifies your last wishes and allows you to control who will receive your money, property and other possessions after you die. You can also use your Will to address a number of practical issues, including who will care for your children if you die unexpectedly.

It is important to make a Will if you want to be sure of leaving your possessions to your loved ones. Providing clarity about your intentions is essential to minimise errors and misunderstandings at an emotional time. It also minimises the likelihood of disputes leading to legal proceedings, which can be distressing and reduce the amount left in your estate.

An experienced solicitor can draw your attention to potential issues you may not have considered and ensure that your Will is appropriately worded to encapsulate your wishes. Your Will should also be updated from time-to-time as circumstances in your life change, to ensure it continues to properly reflect your intentions.

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